Faith Is Vision​

People Are Our Passion​

Real Estate Is Our Obsession​


Founded in 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic, Santobuild is the product of a mastermind of Real Estate and Design enthusiasts stuck at home and wishing their environment would only slightly adapt to their changing needs or at least become more than it was, be used for more

– we wanted to give life to our environment.

We recognize that the real estate landscape is ever-changing and even more so the desires and preferences of the consumer with it. Santobuild began with a vision, one where a rigid building at least began to become as flexible as its inhabitants in every functional sense. Santobuild began with a vision. Not one focused on bricks and mortar, but one with people at its foundation. We do not say “build it and the people come”, we build it with and for the people.

We are Real Estate Developers; we are Project Managers. We think and act like owners. Our success and knowledge developing, re-developing, buying and selling real estate across product types has enabled us to leverage our experience and mentality towards a variety of projects. Furthermore, this wide range of experiences has enabled us to create the blueprint for giving life to our environment.

I realized that the longer this stay at home order continues, the more my life will be shaped by the characteristics of the four walls I live it in. Imagine what that says about the power to inspire generations that we hold as developers

Our strategic position in the real estate ecosystem uniquely enables us to take projects from ideation to creation. Our vision allows us to take that one step further and create a product/project that adapts with the consumer. We do this by standing in the gap to manage the space between the consumer and the product, a space inhabited by contractors, design codes, city regulations, other developers/builders and more. Our People and communities are ever-evolving, the natural world is ever-evolving, it’s time for our built environment to evolve sustainably, and for that to happen, you must build it to live… for life. And that’s what we’ve been sent to build.

Culture & Values




Santobuild is a pioneer in the implementation of Analytics in everyday construction. Naturally, this sets us apart in Customer Satisfaction.


Long after the scent of brand new fades, Santobuild cares about your project. Find out more about how Santo Care makes maintenance much easier!


People are our priority. Our clients, our staff and our community. We build for the people, their safety and satisfaction is essential to our business.


A project has multidimensional effects. We do our homework to ensure the picture is seen from all perspectives.